Thursday, January 10, 2013

Avi Eats

I was sitting across from Aviana this particular night, and she looked super cute! As you know, feeding is usually a challenge, but there are times when something happens to hit the spot, or maybe the stars happened to be perfectly aligned, I don't know? I have yet to figure her out completely ; ) Aviana has a way of keeping us on our toes, constantly! Sometimes though, you'll see, she takes really big bites. In those moments, I swear the heavens open in my heart, and I want to get up and seriously do a CraZy WiLd dance!!!

"Not that again Mom!! Don't even try it! I swear I'll give you my best lock jaw."

"Oh ok. It looks like something different. But we''ll see...I know how they are. They're sneaky."

"There goes Daddy, trying to get me all pepped up. I've heard this before. Hmmm...but, it smells really good!"


  1. Go Avi! Emma says to keep it up and enjoy those eats!

  2. Oh Jen, you complain and moan about Aviana not eating and how difficult it is to feed her. You LIE!!! Avi eats GREAT!!! She was chowing down on that, what did you call it, chop-in brock-uh-lay?

    I love you and I loved my cards :)

    1. I am...I should just stop lying. She is the superstar of all superstar eaters. I should enter her in the 'Stand By Me' eating contest ; )

      And YES! YES! YES! You got it! Chop-in brock-uh-lay! or otherwise known as Choppin' Broccoli...I was a bit wonky that night ; )

      Love me some Cans

  3. Replies
    1. I love you too...

      After all this time...

      I finally see who annette is...

  4. Wow, what great eating! I wish for you all it could be easy like this all the time. I hope the stars start aligning more frequently :-)