Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Dad

Hello Everyone!

Many of you know my dad, but I know some of you have only heard of him through my many stories about him ❤ For those whom have never met him...let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about him. He's simply one of the hardest working people I know. Aside from that very admirable characteristic, I'd have to say, my very favorite trait is his ever turning, entrepreneurial mind. I can't get enough of it, and hold it in the highest regard. So much so, that I can safely say what turns the biggest smile is when Dave looks at me, complete with one of my many wide-eyed, quirky, excited, ideas and says, "you're just like your dad!" 

So why does that always elicit the emotion it does? Because my dad is never afraid to take risks! And these risks, well...they happen to be the very things that make me feel most alive. And that's what he's taught me, you sometimes have to put yourself way out there for something you believe in most. My dad never stops reaching, stretching, and challenging himself. Everyone who has created something worth anything was told no, it won't work, that's crazy, you're wasting your time, or something of the sort. The difference is in the people who push past, push through, and push on. My dad is exactly that sort of person, he always has been. 

Well, he's been working on a project that has been two years in the making. In that time, he has stumbled across every imaginable pitfall, but of course, he persevered. I helped the best I could, but you all know what our lives have really, my dad has truly been the one.

eGiftem, as with all websites, will be a constant work in progress, but we finally feel we have it to a fun and usable point. So if you would be so kind, we would truly appreciate if you would sign up and try it for yourself. You don't have to really send any gifts out now, you can just see how it works, then if you decide you want to use it in the future you'll be all ready to go!

I hope you love it, we've definitely had fun working on it together : )

Thank you all!



Didn't make it to the mall on time, or dread going there in the first place?

Need to send out a last minute gift?

Want to give the perfect gift every time?

Need to send gifts to out of town relatives and friends instantly?

Want to take the stress out of dealing with returns?

Sign up with eGiftem to solve all of these hassles, and more.

It’s fun, easy, and free!…eGiftem

For the best initial gift giving experience, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), About Us, and Instructions, before beginning.

Thank you for your time,



  1. Thanks for sharing the site- I love to see people following their dreams and pushing through obstacles!

    May I make a suggestion? I went directly to the FAQ section and noticed 3 grammar and spelling errors within the first sentence. I'm not saying this to be rude- but from experience I can tell you that this will be one of the things that will make people discredit you and make them think "well if they can't even spell X correctly, how are they going to do (insert the service you are advertising) correctly??

    Wishing you and your Dad the best of luck!


  2. I saw the website and was a little confused on the concept. After looking through the FAQ I have derrived the following. You choose (but not pay for your gift) which gets electronically sent to the receipient. If accepted then you pay for it and the REAL gift then gets sent. Of course I have to ask, how does it get handled if it is a limited quantity item or a special price. Does the item/price get held?

  3. That's a cool idea. How does your Dad make money from this ?
    Is it through the Affiliates process?