Sunday, September 16, 2012

Birthday on the Bay

The beginning of September is always a busy time around here. Two of the most important men in my life have back to back birthdays! My dad's day is usually over Labor Day weekend, and then Dave's is just three shorts days later.

Our usual plan is to always go to Tahoe for the holiday weekend, but this year, my dad decided to come down here for the week. He decided this because of my terrible track record of pretty much always getting a migraine when venturing up there ; ( 

Because he was going to be coming down our way, I didn't want to do the same types of things we always do, so I had to really stretch my brain. Finally though, it hit me...there's this show he has talked about numerous times in San Francisco called Beach Blanket Babylon. Even though he's seen it three times prior, I just knew he'd want to see it again!

I called him before I bought the tickets, just to make sure he'd want to go again, and before the words were even out of my mouth...he was all over it!! This show was the absolute perfect gift! 

Well, that and a Keurig. Everyone should have a Keurig, right?

I love how Snoozer is all ready for his picture, too!

Do you think Dave looks a little fried in this picture? It's because he was. This was about 15 minutes out of the truck and into San Francisco with the dogs. 

Patience has never been my strong suit. I've had to learn over the years. But, I happen to be the most patient person when it comes to dogs. What I am trying to say is, you can't rattle this cage when it comes to the canine variety! Well...these two drove us CrAzY. They are normally two of the best dogs ever, but they tore it up in SF. 

The two of them acted like a couple of banshees. They were egging each other on, barking, chasing birds, scaring poor innocent other dogs, pulling on their leashes, tangling me up (and I was in heels, that's dangerous in itself), you name it! 

At one point, my dad told me we almost got kicked off the wharf. What? Yeah, you heard me, kicked off the wharf! And we deserved it!! Why didn't I know, after all, I was standing right by him, right there. It's because I was trying to wrangle my own wild beast of a dog! So, we ended up kicking ourselves off the wharf! I was thinking, "who the heck are you two? And what did you do with our dogs????" We were about to lose our minds. 

I usually do anything and everything to keep Rainey with me! That day...I've never been so happy to see the two of them go back to the truck...I said, both of you, git (not to be confused with get) in the truck - buh bye

We went through this area of all these old games, and such. It was like a time warp. My dad was showing me Laughing Sal, also known as the famous Fat Lady. She used to live at the entrance of this place in San Francisco called Playland. My dad told me how he and my mom used to go there a lot. 

Someone put a couple quarters in, and what began was a funny, turned really creepy laugh. I became instantly relieved that she was behind some thick glass and I was with my dad, because even at 37 years old, I didn't trust Sally, or Sal, or whatever her name was...

I just found this video on You Tube...grab your dad, or a teddy bear, or something of that sort, and remember...I warned you ; )

Shoot, I thought I got a picture with the Fat Lady in it, but I guess I didn't : / 

This was what Playland looked like. 
Sadly, it closed down Labor Day weekend 1972.

I love old photo booths!!

One of my favorite part is where it says,

~ YOU ~
Ought'a be in pictures!

Remember these?

My dad and those two menacing mutts!

I have always loved these monkeys, so when I saw this - I had to capture it.

~ speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil ~

Hoddy and me... 

at dinner.

If you're ever in the San Francisco area, this is a great show!! It's the longest running show, at 38 years! They do an amazing job and my dad was right, after hearing about it for all these years...I'm so happy to have finally seen it!

The hats are some of the most unbelievable things ever. This one was worn at the end, and it even lit up and had a little cable car that traveled around : )

All that terrorizing makes for some sleepy pups...

Night Night


  1. That's such a cute picture of you and your daddy.

    That Sal, Sally, she-devil THING is horrific! I only saw it for a split second before I scrolled down to get her out of my line of vision. I HATE puppets and now I can add these weird, unmentionable things. Blech!

    Rainey? Crazy? Surely you jest...... How mean of you to blame things on her. I bet it was you and your dad who were acting up and it was your antics that almost got you kicked off the wharf and you're blaming it on her! Shame on you!

  2. Hey there!
    I'm from Australia (I love reading your blog) and am visiting San Fransisco at the end of this week! On your recommendation I will try and get tickets for my husband and I to see the show! Looking forward to it!
    Corina :)

    1. Corina ~ Thank you so much for following along! I hope you have a nice trip to SF and I also hope you love the show. It is really entertaining and I can't believe how fast they change things up in order to keep up with current events! It amazes me how long it has been running too!

      If you search Beach Blanket Babylon images, you can see past, and current show skits just to see what it's like.

      I hope you enjoy your visit, and thank you so much for your comment!



    2. You are most welcome! I will let you know how we get on!
      Corina :)

  3. There's a whole lotta deja vu in that post. Happy memories, although I'm glad I didn't have two crazy dogs with me!


  4. Looks like a great time! I can't believe that was a hat. If it would be me I'd have neck trouble from that thing!

  5. I love LAUGHING SAL!
    My parents took us to the beach every week on Dad's day off. And we would LOOK at Playland and BEG to go inside.... And we were ALWAYS TOLD 'you are too small, when you get bigger'
    Well.......bigger never came (technically it arrived too late) PLAYLAND closed down and we never got to go inside........ Now all that stands there is a crummy bunch of ol' condos :((

    Laughing Sal an all the other machines / games are part of MUSEE MECHANIQUE which used to be in the basement of the Cliff House and now is permanently housed at Fisherman's Wharf

    One day I HOPE I get to see Beach Blanket day