Friday, July 13, 2012

What's Been Going On

Avi and Rainey have been lounging around a little bit, but very cutely I might add.

Why hello my sweet little pumpkin pie.

I love you.

You complete me.

No, you complete me.


Yes, when you're in a house all day with two that don't talk, you create dialog on your own.

It's an art form, what can I say?

Dave and I went out for my cousin's 40th birthday party.

My cousin original partner in crime. She and I were inseparable growing up, so many of my best childhood memories in Tahoe were with this girl.

I love her with all my heart.

Forty? I think not! We are still two kids running through the forest, building forts together.

My Hottie Hodder Husband and Erin's husband, the sweetest dude you'll ever know! 

Hmmm...maybe I should've turned my flash on?

My favorite baker blog is Brown Eyed Baker, she is the best in pretty much everything she touches. I decided to make her Colossal Reese's Cookies since it's Dave's favorite candy and Reese is Avi's middle name ; ) They were a huge hit. 

So I made them again two nights ago when my dad was visiting.

I always put half the chips any cookie recipe calls for though...

I have also always wanted to make one of those, Better Than Anything I decided what the heck. Bring on the fat, and junk. The front door was revolving with neighbors, too : )

You can use any combo you want. I did mine in yellow cake, and used sweetened condensed milk, hot fudge and Butterfinger.

I looked at many recipes and found this one to be the most detailed and helpful.

We also made an unbelievably good Asparagus Pizza. If you happen to want to try this one, here is where I found it. She also has lots of other good looking recipes on her blog!

Rainey has been doing her part in melting my heart.

I've been spending a lot of time as Avi's personal stylist. As you can tell she just kicks back and puts me to work.

This night we were getting ready to go to Dave's brothers for a BBQ to celebrate both our niece Zelbee and Dave's dad's birthday.

Auntie Amy got Aviana this beautiful new dress! I think it's more than time to take her to a tropical location. 

Hint Hint Hodder.

Avi says, "ho hum, l'm all dressed up, but I've got nowhere to go...."

We'll get ya there Miki Feek : )

Avi long legs in effect!

Uncle Roger took her and Rainey to the park today. It's been really hot here this week.

Avi says she's tired of living on the surface of the sun.

P.S. You happy Mom? Hello Kitty on the head ; )


  1. What!?! You are rocking it with the food right now! Condensed milk - you had me at hello. ha!

  2. It's not yet 9:00am on Saturday morning and my mouth is watering!

    I love those bright neons on Avi! She's a stylin' girl!

    Stay cool,

  3. Love the shoes you were kickin' for the party! smashing!

    And, danggit, I wish I was a 'foodie' like you. I truly suck straws at cooking AND I hate it. My hubs or local restaurants provide our meals ;) But I just wish I "LOVED" the art of cooking cuz that would be REALLY helpful around here!

    Avi looked,always does, beautiful. Her hair is WAY shinier than my Aven's.....Tell Avi that Aven said, "like whatever Mom I can't believe you just said Avianna has better hair than me." smile