Monday, July 30, 2012

Small Town Hero

Lately there have been many stories that I've carried exceptionally close to my heart. This is definitely one of them.

Gemily West and her boyfriend, Harison Long- Randall, were just about home from playing fetch with her 4 beautiful dogs. They were crossing the street to their house when a car going 80mph came out of nowhere and struck them. Harry took the brunt of the impact, as he stepped in front of his girlfriend, Gemily, to shield her from the car.

My heart immediately broke into a million, little pieces as I read that all four dogs were killed instantly. I know how it felt to lose one, so I can't even fathom how Gemily must be feeling to lose all four of her babies at once?

Harry's leg was severed at the scene, and his pelvis broken. Gemily suffered a compound fracture in her right leg.

Unbelievably, the car...never even slowed down or stopped. I know. He never even had the decency to stop. Luckily, they found him driving around within hours of the accident. He told his family he thought he hit a garbage can?

We have been following this story, and today a text from Dave came across my phone. My heart dropped, and I had to tell myself to exhale. Harry passed away from his injuries last night. He was 21 years old. He was a hero.

I ache for this family, all of them.

Gemily was out with her boyfriend, walking her four beloved dogs, just steps away from the safety and security of her home. Were they about to make something to eat? Maybe watch a movie? In the blink of an eye, they are gone. All of them. Life as she knew it is completely different now.

If you are interested, they listed an address for donations -

Make checks payable to Harison Long-Randall/Gemily West Fund

Pam Dinsmore
The Sacramento Bee
2100 Q St.
Sacramento, Ca


  1. This is just awful. Really, really sad. I am so angered that a person could be so careless while driving a car, and then to not even have the decency to stop once he realized he hit someone. What kind of person...?

    I can't believe all four dogs were killed and the man, too. That's five lives from one hit? That's unbelievable. 80 miles an hour. That's what people drive on the freeway, and even there 80 miles an hour is against the law!!!

    I wonder how long this guy will serve in jail? Whatever he gets it won't be long enough.

  2. I am without words. What allows a person to behave that way? I feel so much sadness for their families and for Gemily.

  3. So so so upsetting? I cannot imagine. I would have a nervous breakdown. My thoughts are with her