Thursday, July 5, 2012


Dave and I celebrated 11 years last weekend. We had the best day. We decided to take a drive to Point Reyes for the day.

But first we started of asking Natalie to take this picture of us first.

This was on our drive down, at very high speeds on the freeway!

Right when we got there, we stopped at a bakery to see if they had pie. It was on the menu, but they didn't have any that particular day. There was this really neat shop next door though.

We had lunch down here at Drake's Beach. As you can see it was beautiful.

More beach please : )

I was in heaven as I had no idea we were going to the Dairy Cow Capital of the World! They were everywhere and I was in cow heaven!

I screamed so loud right about here, because as we got close to the Lighthouse, these cows were actually free roaming. You heard me, FREE! Roaming free! As in, no fences. 

This was the highlight of my entire trip!

Oh my!

Ok, as if free roaming cows didn't make me lose my mind. We were walking to the Lighthouse and we looked up and this little sweetheart was gazing out. She was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever laid eyes on in my entire life. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

I found it very difficult to peel myself away from her, but we were pressed for time as the Lighthouse was soon to close. On our way out, she was laying down in the very same place.

My heart was happy. 

Cows, deer, it doesn't get any better for me...nothing could top these moments.

It was foggy and overcast, just the way we like it : ) 

Hi Hodder!

Hi Horn!

There were so many old barns on our drive. We drove home through Petaluma and Napa. I was snapping pictures at very high speeds, hence the chopped off top ; ) 

Once we got to Petaluma, there was a Farmers Market that was closing down for the day. We decided to stop anyway. Thank goodness we did, as fate would step in and introduce us to a farmer who has a ranch really close to us. We have been looking for a farmer to purchase fruit directly from in order to cut out the middle man for all of our fruit pies : )

We drove back, and went out for a nice dinner. We then went and saw Ted, a nice romantic (wink, wink) movie to close out our 11th anniversary.

We had an amazing day and night.

Thanks for joining us in storybook form!


Thank you Natalie for watching our girls for 14+ hours!!


  1. Ahhhhhh, what beautiful pics! One of the most beautiful parts of California and so different from the SO Cal beaches.

  2. I love it down there. :) That's my happy place. I love to camp at Dillon Beach or stay in Stinson Beach.

  3. Girl - you are SMOKIN' !!! Those are some of the happiest pictures of seen of you my dear.

    You two pour out so much love into Avianna everyday...It's seems that God has given you both a deeper well of love than others now.You continue to love each other deeply even amidst a life of the unexpected and the incredibly difficult.

    Happy Anniversary...