Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Sun, Had Us Some Fun

Dave and I were originally going to just go up to Tahoe for the ribbon cutting ceremony, go to dinner with my dad, and drive home. We asked my mom if she, and Gary could watch Aviana since there weren't going to be any kids at the ceremony in Truckee.

My dad asked us to stay the night, and since Dave didn't have too much going on at work the next day, we decided to take Rainey to the beach, go to lunch and take our time coming home the next day.

Aspen trees are one of my absolute favorites. My dad has quite a few of them around his property, but this one is my very favorite, because of this little birdhouse he put in it. 

The dogs were in unison as my dad was making their gourmet dinner that night.

I only put two, but I have about 12 pictures of their heads going back and forth. Snoozer is spoiled. My dad buys him Costco rotisserie chicken every time he goes to Reno. He puts some dry dog food in his bowl, then warms up some chicken, with beef broth, and even some wet food sometimes too, he then mixes it all together and there you have it...Snoozy's dinner, every single night! 

It's no wonder their heads were bobbing back and forth ; )

We laid a towel out for each of us, Rainey was doing her best to be a good girl and stay on hers.

She was watching the birds...

but really, she couldn't fully relax until she slowly made her way over to comfortably be between the two of us. First she sat between us, then she laid, then she loved.

We didn't mind ; )

This next progression of pictures was one of my favorite ever. I am so happy I was able to capture it!

This was her waiting patiently to go back in the lake one more time before we left. We took her, and on our way out...the sand was so hot, she was tap dancing. I wish I could have gotten some video of that, but I was too busy trying to get her to some shade : )


This beautiful little trip to the beach ended up costing us a pretty penny, as we forgot her ball and the sticks weren't big enough at this beach. She kept chewing them up on the way back and kind of inhaling them. She was hacking and slowly stopped barking a few days after we got back, so I set her a vet appointment as I was worried she had some sort of splinter caught in her throat.

Whatever was there, dislodged, but it had irritated her tonsils, they were super red, and swollen and she needed a steroid shot and a round of antibiotics : (

Moral of the story, don't forget the Chuckit! when your going to the beach : )

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