Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ewwww Barium!

I carry my camera everywhere. There is almost never a time when I do not have it. In my opinion, there is not one single place that Aviana does not look picture worthy. So naturally I wanted to document the barium swallow test yesterday.

I reached for my camera and quickly realized I had put the battery on the charger (I know Dad, I am supposed to always carry an extra on my person :-) At that moment I was sure wishing I had listened. The lighting was so strange I could not even get a quality picture with my phone.

As they poured the barium down her throat, she made some of the most priceless expressions I have ever seen. I wish so badly I could be posting them for all to see : ( In witnessing Avi's countless expressions, I am convinced....barium must be the worst tasting substance on earth!!

I was excited as excited could be upon entering the x-ray room and slightly deflated as we walked out. Out of every 5-6 swallows, there is a swallow where a small, small amount of food is entering Aviana’s lungs. They thought one of her cords may be paralyzed from being intubated for so long. I thought I was finished with the "first I’ve heards”, but not so. They are hoping to re-test her in 3 months.

After watching Aviana eat through a tube connected to her stomach for the past months, I wanted nothing more than for her to be able to enjoy some food again. Keep in mind, this is the child who would work a party like no other. She would shine her beautiful smile at perfect strangers in order to get some food. If this stealth maneuver did not work, she would resort to stealing off their plates while they were looking or not. An unattended plate was her plate of choice. We always had to keep a good eye on her.

I have tears falling down face as I think back!! Please wish us luck at the next appointment. This was not the girl who could take food or leave it. She was not a picky eater. She ate anything and everything. I had not met too many people who shared my absolute, unwavering love of food. When I met Aviana, I had not even met my match; but quickly realized she was actually in a stratosphere of her own!


  1. Yes, barium is pretty YUCKY!!! I'm sure Avianna appreciates not having those pictures for all of us to see. lol
    Sorry about the results. Will be praying the next test shows complete healing in that area.

  2. My friend, Susan (my heart and lung transplant friend) had a damaged vocal chord. They told her that it could heal on its own...but hers didn't. She got it "fixed" but it's still not 100% and it was her "umpteenth" surgery (she lost count). I hope Avi's heals itself!! Another thing to add to the prayer list!


  3. Oh I'm so sorry. Man, that really sucks!!! I know what you mean, too, because Valentina will eat anything, including plastic (we were halfway to the ER Christmas Eve when she finally coughed it up) so I can only imagine what it must do to you to have to feed Aviana through tube. I just don't have words.

    I do have to say, though, that she looks ADORABLE!!!! Cute outfit and she looks just great!

  4. Aviana looks great! I have been an observer on your blog, and admire your courage and hard work!

  5. Oh I miss all of you!!! I am going to try to come by next week and bring Natasha with me. Things will get better. Patience is a test of time.

    Love you guys

  6. Look at her holding her head up! She looks so good in that little chair. So beautiful! Avi has defied the odds so many times in just a few months. I have no doubt that little girl will be sneaking some snacks and flashing that gorgeous grin again.

  7. Oh, and that stuff tastes like crushed aspirins and pixie sticks. I don't know why they bother flavoring barium or that nasty antacid they make you take before surgery. One time I sipped instead of chugged and ended up getting sick.