Monday, February 23, 2015

Rainey Days

A change has been good for each of us. I didn't realize how a house and memories could have such a hold on you. Of course we had many great memories as well, but there, we also had our fair share of difficult times. In many ways and for many reasons, we felt it was time to move forward.

Although we miss our family and friends, overall it has been nice to be in another house and a place which holds different memories. 

Tahoe heals, there's no two ways about it. 

In Rainey, we could see an immediate change. Overnight, she was a different dog and has never looked back.

We have always said Tahoe is a dog's paradise and it's proving to be. Kama always loved it up here and would cry (me along side her) every time we would leave. Rainey followed suit. Dave always wondered why all the tears. He now understands ; )

I'm not sure if you will notice from the pictures, but Rainey's fur has puffed up from being here.

We laugh because while she had lost a good amount of weight, she looks like a lion in front.

She loves her sunset swims.

I think she looks like she's smiling in this picture.

Running across the ice.

Often times she sits in the front with me. 

While in Dave's car, he puts her in the back. When he gets in - she's through the gate and in the backseat. 

We call her Raidini.

Many times, we just let her ride where she wants. Why not? She still doesn't like to be in the back though. She cries and bounces off the walls.

Our neighbor Louise, Rainey, and a bunch of her friends.

Rainey and our nephew Ash.

Rainey and her friend Sam sharing a stick.


My dad (the over treater ; ) Rainey loves her walks, especially with his dog Ronda. They go wild through the forest!

This is a beautiful reservoir on one of our walks. Now that it's frozen, Rainey likes to run across.

When she's not out, she likes to watch all the wildlife.

And of course, she makes herself comfortable on all pillows.

A day in the life with Rainey Days Hodder

This day was so windy. There were actually people surfing in the lake. Rainey did some surfing of her own.

Before Aviana died, just like Kama, Rainey would rummage through all the clean laundry. After, she stopped. I'm happy to say, she's back to it.

This is the beach we used to take Kama, Aviana, and Snoozer. We have the best memories of them here. I take Rainey all the time. I feel most at peace there.

Thankfully, it's close to our house.

There are still things she won't do since, and that's okay. We are all changed and won't ever be the same. As long as we're getting better, that's all that matters.



  1. Yay, :handclap: more Rainey pictures! She melts my heart. Boom, melted. There are so many great ones. The one of her running on the ice looks like a dog's Christmas card that she would send to her other dog friends signed wish you were here. Perfect frost on the branches. You've got a lot of great shots. Tahoe looks so breathtaking. I know I swoon every time you post pics but I can't help it, it's a beautiful place. I love the photo of Rainey on the seat. My little Shaggy (rat terrier/dachshund mix) used to love to ride shotgun. I'd crack her window and she stick her nose out and snort. Man, she loved that.

    Her with that ball coming out the water at your fav beach is too sweet. I can hear her thinking I got it, I got it, I got it! I'm happy for you that you have a place you can go and feel some peace. Love you!

    1. There will be more coming your way, and now I have an idea for your next year's Christmas card too ; ) Ha Ha!

  2. Isn't Rainey living the perfect life for a dog!? It's just the most beautiful setting for anyone to enjoy life.

  3. Hi Jen, Just thinking about you and your family and sending you love.

    1. Hi Betsy! I've been thinking of you this past week...with love <3

  4. She's a beauty! So happy she and you guys are doing good there.

  5. I am starting to worry about you; have not heard anything in a good while. Hoping that yall are great and enjoying your new home and great weather!! Blessings, Vicki from Memphis area