Monday, April 6, 2015


Rather than a back and forth drive to my mom's, we suddenly had an Easter snow day in mind; one filled with the nest and a movie marathon. Because of the forecast, we asked if everyone might be able to celebrate a day early? The answer, yes!

Surrounded in everyone we love and want most, we have the perfect get together. I consciously stick myself at the center of all that's going on. The conversations. The smiles. The laughs. The home cooked meal. The razzing of one another. My uncle's bringing of cross buns reminiscent of the ones he and my mom shared as children. All of the things which make life rich and beautiful. Many of the very people who color my life the most. But in their faces I've seen hurt and sadness too. Despite that, today I see happiness. 

I grab this magical feeling and bottle it up. I take it with me. I'll need it later. This combination of love and laughter is saved. Uncorked and used when the edges of the multiple tiny holes lose form and all that's left is open space. 

I wonder if they know? About their absence? I wonder if they realize how much they help when the missing becomes a little too much? 

I hope you had a nice holiday, surrounded in those you love. 



  1. VERY POWERFUL PICTURES!! God bless you, my friend! Vicki from Memphis area

    1. Thank you Vicki! She sure was a beauty : )

  2. Ohhhh, she was so little. I'm talking tiny. Audrey used to eat those same Gerber fruit puffs. Her with her little basket - so precious!

    We spent the day with family, too. Love you all!

    1. My gosh did she love those little puffs! Yes, I'd have to stinking' precious : ) I hope you had a perfect day!

      Video please! I'm feaning ; )

  3. Loved the pictures....So glad you had a great day with your family. Hope things continue to go well with "You & Dave".


  4. I'm so happy for your happy day. It takes so little to achieve it or maybe we just appreciate what we have. I have news so will talk to you soon.

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. xoxo.