Friday, February 13, 2015

Who Am I?

I'm the one I was and the one I am.

I'm simple, yet complex.

I'm a rat's nest until I blow dry and straighten this mess.

I can be arm's length, but right there next to you.

I'm slow to return emails.

I'm just below a forever haze of missing.

I'm happy with how far I've come, but still on the mend.

I'm here and now, but sometimes have to talk myself into going.

I'm this, that, this, and my gosh, do I love that.

I'm a compulsive comma user.

I'm the girl on the beach with the black dog.

I'm spunky, sad, contemplative, and crazy.

I used to better know my way around grammar.

I want to, but don't, but do, but nah... But YEAH!

I'm a salt junkie who recently kicked the shaker.

I'm scattered, but spot on.

I'm oblivious, but highly observant. I just recently realized why. It made me cry.

I'm sometimes annoyed by how many times this grief has morphed.

I'm a baker, food maker... to anyone a taker.

I'm home.

I'm a hit and miss friend since Aviana's been gone.

I'm finding it difficult to balance my energy and attention.

I'm a believer, but not like a Monkee.

I'm boundaries and bottom lines, courtesy of a brown eyed girl.

I'm scarred, flawed, and the bearer of the best baggage.

I am me - grateful to be.

Who are you?


  1. To steal a line from one of my recent favorite songs: "I am perfectly imperfect, I am still working on my masterpiece"

    Love you, lots of hugs!

  2. I'm up, I'm down.....

    I'm running, maybe away...maybe towards

    I'm smiling, I'm laughing....inside, I'm crying

    I'm changed

    Love this Jen, beautifully written as always

    1. Thank you Erin.

      To everything you wrote... <3