Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saving Grace

We honor you today, and everyday. 

We thank you for blessing us with almost 5 years with Aviana. We thank you for giving us the opportunity, for saving our love, for sparing the one we learn from. The one who continuously teaches us what's of true importance. The one who helps us to understand - love deeply, appreciate more. 

We thank you.

Thank you for all you do - for us, for your family, for our country.

Our love always.


  1. I remember very well how God wrote this amazing man into Avi's story. What a blessing he must be to your family!! Vicki, Grammy from Memphis area

  2. May God bless Mr. Merenda. Thank you sir for your kindness and eagerness to help others. You are an example to me and many to stop and do what we can if someone is in need!

  3. Amazing. Amazing. Loving. Peaceful. Proud. So honored to see Sgt. Merenda's picture. A hero while holding a hero!!