Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In Spirit

With each passing year of Aviana's Elves, your love and generosity never cease to amaze and inspire us. We truly appreciate your continued support.

While Aviana won't physically be here this year to guide her elves - she will be in spirit.

She has this way about her. She connects dots. She pushes things together. She steers me when aimed in the wrong direction. When I'm having trouble seeing, she clears the way. Sometimes I feel her, sometimes I don't. I now know to be patient. If I wait for her, she comes through; somehow she always does. She's forever my girl - here and there.

Before, I didn't know this about death. I never truly believed in this sort of thing. But now, I think differently. I guess I should say - time and again - I've been shown otherwise.

For many reasons, I look forward to Aviana's Elves this year, more than any other.

Thank you for standing beside us.

1 comment:

  1. I certainly had inklings that these spirits might be real...or not.....until now. Now, without question. I believe. What a beautiful song