Sunday, August 24, 2014

At Once

It was a Friday night.

No ordinary,

In the passenger seat,

Two rectangular boxes.

Ashes by ashes,

And safely beside.

One exit too soon,

But not at all.

Music high.

Lights low.

The culmination.

Every sense awakened.

The smell of fresh pine through crisp mountain air.

The best, and most fitting, sound ever.

And as I round a bend,

The sight of brightly colored carnival lights in nonstop chase.

I gave pause.

I gave pause.

For this was pure joy!

So good -

I could taste it!

Taken by this slice in time,

My right hand slid over both my girls.

With tears of love and gratitude,

I thanked them.

Blessed was I to share in this moment.

A moment of all six senses,

At once. 


  1. Beautiful. I love you. I love your art in words. I love to see what your heart creates!

    1. So beautiful the way you put it Channe. I want to write you, but haven't been able to with everything going on. I miss you. I've been thinking of you. I love you.

  2. Please let us know how we can help you mark the anniversary Is there an orphanage in Guatemala or program for young children there that you would feel matched the love and life of Aviana that we could contribute or organize a volunteer trip to? In her honor? Please know that you are in our hearts as is her memory! Come to the coast near Half Moon Bay It is foggy but so lovely and the sea is so soothing...Watched and listened to the in memory of video really wrenching but cannot get her or you out if my mind Was thinking of leaving early childhood special education but decided to just transfer districts. I know I cannot really help you but I have revitalized my commitment to the field because of your story...In the video your family was amazing of course but as a dog owner the parts with Kama and Aviana were just so wonderful to see You and your family have so much love to share I hope you are given the courage to dispel the pain and just feel all the love instead we all would do anything for you anything really

    1. Wow! Thank you so very much. Thank you for everything you wrote. As a mom to a child who died, the best words to ever cross my ears are those who think of, remember, or are affected by our girl. Anything of that sort both warms my heart filling my eyes with tears, and sends an electric current resulting in the biggest smile ever seen. It's quite a sight, and this was my attempt in describing how your comment made me feel.

      Thank you so very much for thinking of the upcoming anniversary. I can, and can't, believe we are nearing the day. Suddenly, I'm seeing Halloween pop up everywhere and (of course I'm buying it all up ; ) I

      I watched the video after I read your comment. I both smiled, and fell apart all over again. She was the sweetest, happiest, goofiest, kindest, most loving girl. She has inspired me - both before and after the accident - for all of my life. What I meant to say is in answer to your sweet question, whichever way fills your heart, fills mine. Because Aviana was so loving, kind, sweet, and inspiring - anything you did in honor, would represent her well!

      My hat's off to you. I admire most all of those who worked closely with Aviana. I was continually amazed by everyone's love, respect, patience, and dedication. Thank you for doing what you do. It's people such as yourself, who my world go 'round.

      Yes, Kama and Aviana. Aviana and Kama. They were inseparable. If I could attach photos to my blog, I could share my next story. I can't wait for you especially to see.

      Half Moon Bay. Beautiful. I so love overcast, and Rainey days ; )

      Thank you for your kindness. Thank you.