Friday, August 22, 2014

At Once

It was a Friday night.

No ordinary,

But the one before.

In the passenger seat,

Side by side,

And safely beside,

Two rectangular boxes.

One exit too soon.

But not at all.

Music high.

Lights low.

The culmination.

Every sense awakened.

Fresh pine through crisp mountain air.

Brightly colored carnival lights in nonstop chase.

The best, and most fitting, my speakers could ever.

I gave pause.

I gave pause.

For this was pure joy!

A bite.


Taken by this slice in time,

My right hand slid over both my girls.

With tears of love and gratitude,

I thanked them.

Blessed was I to share in this moment.

A moment of six,

At once. 


  1. If I hadn't talked to you, I wouldn't be smart enough or deep enough to "get" this, but thankfully I did and I know this represents you and your girls perfectly. And now, you will all be there together, loving your new Home.

  2. Okay, I've read this ten times and I'm not getting it. The boxes - ashes? The moment of six? Six? I'm not getting that number. So reading the comment above are driving to your new home. One exit too soon? Don't get that. Did you miss the off ramp? LOL Okay, seriously....I hate not getting it. Usually I "get" things. Maybe I need to scroll down and read other posts that might hold clues...

    1. I just saw your reply ?!? I don't understand why yours is the only one that doesn't come through my email? So weird!

      Yes, ashes. Yes, I was driving to my dad's house and I always exit on the one which takes me the most direct route. I accidentally took the one before. I thought I made a mistake, but not at all! These things happen for a reason, because I never would have seen the carnival which truly sparked everything for me. It was so bright and beautiful and brought everything together in that moment. I was meant to drive by in that moment : )

      You are so funny! I just love you!!

  3. You, Dave, Rainey, Kama, Zoe and Avi?

    1. That's good girl! You know our core family : ) : )

      Rainey was in the back! Of course : )

  4. TWO LANES OF FREEDOM FOR SIX!!! God Bless You !! Enjoy your new dream !!
    cindy in nc

    1. I got just as excited when I read your comment as I think when you wrote it!! I feel every bit of that song, and couldn't believe how spot on it ended up being, especially for that moment! Love it!

      Love you Cindy!!