Monday, March 10, 2014

I Hop

Do you remember the game Frogger? Well as a kid it was one of my all time favorites. Lately that little to and fro, side to side, yet methodically thinking frog reminds me of someone. The parallel lies between the game and my posts.  Not so much in a speedy sense - but more in the back and forth, trying to get my little frog self and stories home nature.

I have so much to say - too many posts to count. The only thing I can come up with is, in the time of actually realizing we were going to lose Aviana, my writing mind went on the fritz. Meaning, the wheels were/are in full swing, but connecting it all takes extra time and attention. And time and attention is something I sometimes really have and want to give, and sometimes, I really just don't or can't - for a variety of reasons. I hope that makes sense? 

I have posts, old and new. Ones I want in chronological order, and others to stand alone. Some, which reflect how I feel now, and others pertain to then. Some that got lost in time and space, but still linger. I have some I held so very near and dear to my heart, and for that reason, you tend to see them trickle from time to time. I have questions you've asked, which I have yet to answer - not because I don't want to - but because the subject matter takes time for me. In all, they will find their way...

So, I hop. And I thank you for staying by my side as I do.

I picture myself as a kid, Atari joystick in hand. Strategically navigating those frogs. Trying my best to get them across, and home safely. I had not a clue that game would still be relevant in my life - some 30 years later!   


  1. Hop all you want and yes we will be here keeping you and your family in prayer.
    Love Bobbie

  2. You are just too amazing! Asking us to stand by you? We are here! Always have been! And will never leave! You, Dave, and your family are the warriors that remind us who and why we care, and where our thoughts and prayers will remain. All the Atari games in the world can't compete, because the Hodder family is so strong!

  3. I come on everyday to look for your posts. I look forward to reading them and find myself disappointed when there is not a new one!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Mindy

  4. Hop all you need. I'll be here. <3

  5. I love coming here, and hearing pieces of your beautiful, intricate, complex experience. You share yourself so beautifully. And even though I've never met Avi, I miss here. Much love your way. Take all the time you need navigating.

    1. Thank you Chelsy.

      There will never be a day I stop loving those words, "And even though I've never met Avi, I miss her." Thank you ❤

  6. Say what you want, when you want - on your terms and what feels right to you. Love you!

  7. Oh Jen remember the music/tone that went with Frogger -- thank you very much as I now have that turn in my head. I never thought of it before but our mind is like that we jump from one thing to another and at times hit the water. Love ya!!