Monday, September 1, 2014


Both our plates were overflowing. It was a stressful, but exciting time. I was working my first job out of college at an out of control pace. Dave was soon to graduate and start at the company he just recently left. We were a little out from being married in Lake Tahoe. I was searching day and night for the perfect house. I knew when I saw it. Dave agreed. We soon watched our home built from the ground up.

Shortly after, a "normal" life was in full swing.

Through the years, we've loved our home and neighborhood. We already know we'll never find as great a 'hood' as the one we have. We felt lucky before Aviana's accident, but after - words fall short. Our neighbors are an extension of our family, and our family, an extension of our neighbors. Infinity. No beginning, or end. They are the greatest human beings this earth has to offer. No joke. It's like if those of you who comment here were our neighbors - that caliber.

In growth and moving on, there's much we're leaving behind. It isn't easy to say goodbye to those who've loved, lifted, and sometimes even carried us through.

The truest form of love is to hurt on the inside, but also feel happiness in knowing what's best for another. I'm in awe over my mom especially, and how she's handled this whirlwind of events we've put upon her. True, true, love.

In my opinion, life is about the people who make it worth living. We definitely surround ourselves with the most unbelievable group. Their love and support is unwavering. These are some unbreakable bonds. So when we leave, I won't see it as an end, but a turn in a new direction. A shift to the mountains, and who doesn't love to visit the mountains, right?

As for our home, our very first...we've created a full life together. We've screamed until silence, been forced to grow up in unimaginable ways, but always managed to keep the silly in spite of it all. We've danced till our legs burn, cried until the salt ran dry, and still held on as both our best girls floated away. We've lived and lost, but most of all, we've loved. This home - our home - was filled and surrounded in it, always. We will take with us, and into our next, every ounce of those memories and that love.


  1. I loved (!!!) your Roseville home. If I were a tad younger, I would have bought it and moved in a heartbeat. I know how much you love that neighborhood and those neighbors, but I know you're heading in the right the land that you love. I know you're the kind of person that would be happy wherever you plant yourselves, but I'm so happy for both you and Dave that you're going to live in the part of California where your hearts sing. I'm so happy for you that I don't have the words to express it.


  2. I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to move from your HOME. It's not just a house, you made it a home with love and LIVED in it. There was so much life and love in that home. I can't begin to think of what it must be like to say goodbye to it. I know your new house will quickly become a new home, filled with life and love. Like Dixie said, you will be happy wherever you plant yourselves. But I can only imagine that you are leaving a bit of yourselves behind in your first home. That part of your life is over. That chapter has ended and now it's a new chapter, full of blank pages, waiting to be written, waiting to be lived and loved and to know the whirlwind that is the Hodder Hurricane.

    I love you and can't wait to come see you in your new dream house. And listen to music. And test out your intercoms just for fun. And run up and down the steps of your new house. Someday. Or is it some day? At one point in my life I will see your new house with all of the love and living that is swirling around in it. I don't know how and I don't know when but that is added to the bucket list, a more doable bucket list :) Maybe after the first of the year we'll sit down and see what's what. Maybe in a year. Maybe in two years. But we will have a conversation and set up something. That I know. Who knows, maybe they have a Thai restaurant with ginormous forks too!!!!

    Love you bunches my stripes obsessed quack! And I can't WAIT to see photos of the new house after you have turned it into your home!!!!

  3. I am so sentimental, I still get sappy when I think about my first apartment. I can only imagine how I would feel moving from my house. There would be a lot of mixed feelings, especially if I had neighbors like ya'll do. But you are right, the memories are in your hearts and they will be with you both wherever you go. I have no doubt that you & Dave are going to settle in and start nesting and have a new homey home in no time. I wish I was there to toast ya'll and say "To following your dreams" :clinking glasses: Love you!

    P.S. This is so off-topic but I thought about you today when I read this article. I remember how Rainey used to like to chew on things and then I thought at least she never swallowed things.

  4. So excited for the future...but homes (not houses!), are sometimes hard to leave behind. I totally get it....i bought my first house in 1998 and sold it years later when i re-married in 2006. Leaving that home of mine was bittersweet, my friend....i was excited for my future but all of my college and adult (so far!) memories were in my home. You are so very right....memories live in our hearts and go with us where ever we go.

    Best of luck....and i hope you'll keep posting often!