Thursday, June 5, 2014


Gary, Dave and I signed up for a beer tasting on Mother's Day. I used to drink like a fish, but since the accident, I can count the drinks I've had on my hands. I've recently started tasting Dave's beers when I go out with him and his crew on Wednesday nights. 

My plan was to take a taste and pass all my beers off on Dave. This was working well until...

I was called up for a competition. We had to down the beer, suck a cherry up with a straw and pass it to the next person. I am severely competitive, so even a slight headache from crying that morning wasn't going to stop me.

Our first stop was Juneau.

We took a seaplane over five glaciers to a lodge for a salmon dinner.

As we were eating, this little guy came out to lick the grill. Isn't he the cutest!

We went outside to get some better pictures!

They said ten different bears come out at different times. I wanted to stay forever.

There were four labs on the property. I sent our neighbor all these pictures and told him, "whatever you do, don't show Rainey!!" He immediately sent me a picture of her "mad dog" face and said, she's pissed!! He's a feisty one!




  1. So, so, so beautiful. It looks like the trip of a lifetime. The mountains are so picturesque with the snow on them. It looks like you're walking around in a living Christmas card. You got some great shots.

    I've never been to a beer tasting - looks like a good time. I know you put those other girls to shame!

    I bet the glaciers were beautiful. I have a fantasy that that's where bottled water comes from. I think I would have been scared to ride on the seaplane but I bet it was so worth it.

    You weren't scared of that bear, girl? Are they tame bears? Is there such a thing??? Maybe you were using your camera's zoom or were they that close?

  2. An awesome vacation for an awesome family ! I'm starting to see a little sparkle coming back into yours and Daves eyes , you all so deserve to be surrounded by Gods beautiful scenery , especially knowing that Aviana is all part of that beauty. So happy you enjoyed your tranquil trip. The pictures tell it all, beauty and fun.
    cindy in nc

  3. Alaskan salmon in Alaska...could it get any better. Love the pictures, even the bears.

  4. Loved reading about the beer! Beer was Trina's favorite. In Portland they had a "Brew Fest" every August and it was her favorite "holiday". If there was a beer sampler plate in a restaurant, she got it. Oh how she loved her beer. Loved that you got into the competition too! Good for you!