Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week...

I just miss her.

Despite the love,

The laughter,

The blessings,

The friendships,

The smiles,

The warmth of everyday people.

Despite our health,

And all of our good fortune,

This week...

I just plain miss her.


  1. No words. Just sending you love and hugs. Melissa

  2. I can only imagine how much you must miss your sweet precious girl. Sending you hugs and lots of love. I think about you every day.

  3. I Love you Cousin!!!

    Steve Remedios

  4. I am so sorry. I am so so so awfully sorry for you.

  5. Im sad & my heart hurts because I know you miss Avi so much :( I hope your days ahead bring you a little more comfort knowing that we are with you and love you and know that you are going through a time that has to be the hardest thing anyone has to go through , especially with the love you had/have for your special girl.
    Cindy in nc

  6. No matter how much love and peace and good fortune surround us in life; missing those that we love is inconsolable at times. There is that empty place that is just raw. Those that we love have their own unique spot in our life. That unique spot is irreplaceable. People try, they really do. You know my feelings on losing a child. There are no words! Knowing that she is is happy and free brings comfort but in no way does it replace the missing. I cannot know completely how you feel because I have not lost a child. I can only imagine........ I do know this for sure, you and Dave are mind boggling. You have restored my faith in all things good. I look to the future with hope because of your example. Know that I am aware of you every single day. You have been an incredible friend to me during your time of great trial. Unselfish in every way! I love you beyond measure.

  7. Sending you lot's of cyber hugs and love.

  8. Can't imagine how hard it is. You're always in my thoughts...

    I just got this link in a rescue email. Unsure if it's the shelter you posted about but it reminded me of you,

  9. I'm sorry you are missing her. Just let it out as it comes. Turns to poison if you try to keep it in. <3

    I can't help but think of you every time a Gary Allen song comes on the radio. Love you!