Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Things Never Change

When our two worlds, our two girls, collide - an indescribable feeling always arrives. 

Aviana used to love clothes. She especially used to love trying them on. Every time we went to the mall, she would attempt to make it an all day event. We used to pick out a number of things for her, and she would want to stay in the dressing room and try every last piece on her tiny little body. 

She would spin, grin and twirl as if she were the only one in the mirror, more the world. And I, well I would just sit on the sidelines and admire. She especially loved to look at her booty! Towards the end of each outfit, she would turn to me with a cute, little knowing smile and pause. I took my cue, "Yes baby, you look adorable!" Her consensus was always the same....every single outfit looked perfect on her...even if it was a size too big or small. Finally though, the clothes ran out and we had to go, but she never wanted to. That's the breaks girl, you can't live in a dressing room.

Some things never change. In her heart, she still loves clothes. Every time I buy her new outfits, her eyes light up and she carefully inspects them. While we're out shopping, I show her skirts, shirts, dresses, and then...onto her lap they go. I imagine it might be amusing to the people who watch. They must hear me talking, to what appears myself if they don't see her, "Honey, what do you think about this color? How about this one? No, you don't like that. Come on...that's crazy, Labor Day rules don't really apply! You've been reading too many magazines. Put the People down, and tell me what you think about this dress?" In all seriousness, I watch her eyes and her expression. Sometimes I can tell, other times - I just have to guess. All my chatter while this speechless, cutie pie rolls around with stacks of clothes toppling higher and higher. 

I'm grateful for any little thing that sparks those sweet eyes and that beautiful face. I grateful! For those are the very things that carry me through - 
moment by moment, breath by breath.

I was without her this particular day, but apparently I struck it just right in her eyes. 

The pictures are blurry, but I just love this one. 

Surveying the goods.

When we put the skirt on her lap, she looked down at it : ) 

Hmmm...which outfit should I wear first?

Daddy may be asleep, but I'm still thinking about what I'm going to look like in my new clothes this week : )


  1. She is so adorable! Dave looks pretty comfy :^)


  2. Add another reason to why this girl has it going on! I want to go clothes shopping with her. I LOVE CLOTHING! My Abigail loves clothes but does not want to try anything on. Run in, grab a few things, pay and leave. I'm sure it comes from having three brothers with no interest in shopping. Aviana has that beautiful Peruvian complexion. My daughter in-law is Peruvian and is beautiful! When we went to Peru for the wedding I thought it was one of the most beautiful countries I had ever been to. They all have these big brown gorgeous eyes. I can always tell my daughter in-laws mood by her eyes! When she's happy they dance. When she's mad, those eyes become weapons.

  3. Ooooops! I thought Aviana was Peruvian, going back in your blog archives I see that she is from Guatemala. It is a beautiful country as well. Lauren (my son) served a two year mission in Peru and fell in love with all things Peruvian including his wife. Chad (my second oldest) served a mission in Guatemala and he fell in love with all things Guatemalan. They are both fluent in Spanish and fight over which country is best and who speaks the best Spanish. Lauren might have the edge being that his peruvian wife's first language is spanish.

  4. There's nothing better than new school clothes. I bet picked out the perfect outfit for the first day.


  5. I can't imagine how it is to have the two lives collide. So cute to see her eyes light up. So sad that she can't twirl. Adorable. Heartbreaking. Sweet. Sour. And everything in between. I LOVE the way her hair is, all twisty and turny in two little buns, very US magazine "Celebrities; Just Like Us, beachside edition." So carefree looking yet knowing it took forever to make it look so simple :)

    I love you and am always thinking of you and so glad I figured out a new reader :)

  6. The photos of Aviana an her dad are priceless! Love it.

  7. Love it! She is so beautiful!

  8. Sweet. Very, very sweet. I love this post.

  9. A girl & her clothes - it's so universal... this made me smile so much.

  10. I absolutely love these pictures! She is so tuned into her clothes. :) It makes me so happy to see her light up. :)