Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We are life long Niner fans, through and through. So this weekend was going to be nothing short of pure excitement....

I had everything lined up, chips, dips, banners. I bought a new shirt to cheer my boys on, everything.

Friday morning I woke up with a cough. I decided to zip it, so I could scream and shout and let it all out ; ) on Sunday. My dad was on his way down from Tahoe. Later, I was feeling much worse and simultaneously, he called and said he was stopping at the store to pick up some Sucrets because he had been coughing all the way down. I had ironically just gotten the Sucrets out of the cabinet before he called. What are the odds? Both of us just getting sick, separately? Before the big game?

Well, this sucker took us down. Unfortunately, with the normal awful sickness, I also got a 3 day headache from hell. It was from all the coughing so much and so hard. Nothing could combat it, not even my shots. So much for all the big party plans! And then, as if that wasn't bad enough, the Niners lost. It was a sad, and sorry weekend. I was glued to the bed from Friday at midnight to Monday at 5:30 pm.

I had a lot of bed time to think about the last time I was that sick. And you know what...I remembered and it made me so very sad. But in retrospect, it was a blessing. It was a blessing that I was that sick, and was able to spend one last entire day in bed with my girl. At the time I wrote that post, I didn't know it, but in just a few short hours I would be saying goodbye to my love, my best friend. 

I don't know if you know this, but my Kama girl is always on my mind. She is so close to my heart and I think of her all the time. This week she was already weighing more heavily than most because of one of the most beautiful songs lyrically, performance wise, everything. But, for Kama and me...there is a part...that just reduces me to tears. So she has been on my heart. I miss her so much. Those we have loved, and lost can just be too much sometimes. 

Anyway, have I told you how appreciative I am for Dave? Every time I am sick, he takes care of every little thing. And this time, my dad and his two dogs - Snoozer and Chelsea were here too. That's a lot of care taking to take care of! There is no better man out there for me. I will leave it at that. I hope Dave and Aviana don't get sick. Dave has so many projects going at work and can't afford to be sick. He had to work on Saturday, so I did my best not to cough in Avi's direction, and steer myself clear of her the best I could while caring for her. 

Thankfully, they haven't caught it yet. It must be the mask Dave has been wearing while entering my sickbay ; ) While my dad was here, Dave even spent a few nights sleeping with Avi, and guess what? She let him. Usually Aviana doesn't let anyone sleep with her. She has a strict policy! She must have known. 

This sickness must be some serious business, known from young to old, because everyone has been treating me like I've got leprocy, or the plague. Amy even stayed outside today, (as with outstretched arms she passed me something so special I almost died after I almost died this weekend - Celeste and Jesse Forever!!) and her 4 year old son Cooper said, "I don't want what she's got!" Uber ouch I say! No one wants to come into our house and absolutely no one wants to be around me. Well, that is except my Mommy. She came over to force feed me and to help me with Aviana while Dave was at work yesterday. Now that's love...to walk into the sick house. Only a Mama.

Today was a new day though, finally I was vertical. Woo Hoo for vertical-ness! Vacuuming. Cleaning the floors. Opening the windows. Washing the sheets. It's all very exhausting though when your body is run down and out! But gosh am I behind....on everything. Speaking of, I was right at the end of another Telluride picture post when sickness struck! 

Health is something to never take for granted...my gosh!! It's a beautiful thing! I am grateful and I will continue to be. I must go catch up some more : )


  1. You should have come to my house. My throat started hurting Saturday night and Sunday morning I had the full-blown Superbowl cold. I had good drinks, but no good food, but I would have shared what I had. I'm glad you're vertical. It gives me hope. I need a Brenda!

  2. I'm so sorry you were sick!!! I'm so glad the Ravens won! To be honest this was the first time I've ever watched the SuperBowl for the actual game and not just the commercials. This was always Trina's holiday. She insisted on having it at her house and it's always a rough "holiday".

    That so sucks about your migraines!!!! I'm so sorry.

    Did your mom bring you the GBC? After we planned our menu (yes, we actually planned a menu this time) I thought "oh man, I should have made Jen's moms GBC!" Guess I'll have to do that this week!

  3. Man, sounds awful. Sorry it ruined your superbowl - wish you could have watched them lose healthy. ha! Hope your Dad is feeling better and that Dave & Avi don't catch it. Glad you are up & at it again!!

  4. Poor thing! I am so glad you are feeling better now!

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