Thursday, February 28, 2013

Avi for President

I went into Aviana's classroom on Valentine's Day and was raving about Avi-incoln. I was telling Aviana's teacher Ian that they had really out done themselves, and set the bar really high for any future projects. His immediate response was, "Just wait, Washington is next week." I was taken aback, and rolling my eyes at the very same time. I know, a strange reaction if I do say so myself, but I wasn't expecting that all! Once I could formulate words again, I so eloquently said, "uh uh, no way, no how." Nice right? He said okay, just wait and see.

I honestly didn't believe. How could anything top Avi-incoln?

So the next week rolled around and there appeared an email in my inbox with the subject line Avi Washington. I opened it and read something along the lines of...I think this one is cuter. So what's your verdict?

I opened the attachment, and could not believe my eyes. After the laughter subsided and I wiped the tears from that laughter aside, I typed him back and said, "The verdict're right!! Avi Washington takes the cake. I can't wait to see him/her in person! Thank you for the sneak peek!"

I am still anxiously awaiting the live version as they love them too, and are displaying them in the classroom. I am so thankful to have this picture though and have been sharing it with everyone, so before the month of the Presidents is over...I wanted to share it with you too!

What is your vote?



Avi Washington?

for president.

Either way, she is Avi Hodder and she approves this message.


  1. I'm for Avi Washington, she looks right at you and is very commanding. Wonderful shot, Fran

  2. Washington wins. Love the shiny blue bow.

  3. WASHINGTON!!!! That is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!!!

  4. That is absolutely adorable!!!!!!

  5. I'm voting for Avi Washington! And two thumbs up for Avi's creative teacher.


  6. Avi Washington. She is so beautiful.

    Mel J.

  7. Avi Washington. So adorable!

  8. WOW - what wonderful teachers Avi has but would we expect otherwise?? I vote for Avi Washington but both were cute!

    Julie Texas

  9. Avi Washington for sure! :)


  10. They are both cute. But I'll vote Avi Washington because I love the hair!!

  11. I think I like Avi Washington best!!

  12. Make that girl a cherry pie.-Ellen

  13. It's close but I'm gonna have to vote for Avi Washington! Loving this teacher...need more like him!!!
    Can't wait to see what's next!

    Becky Cooper
    Plano, TX

  14. Totally unrelated, but I was just drinking my coffee & reading on TMZ's website (you know I love my celebrity smut) and guess what? One of their photogs snapped a pic of Will Ferrel in his red suit. He's shooting Anchorman 2. I thought of you ^ Dave! Love you!

  15. Both are cute...but I have to say AVI-WASHINGTON is definitely my fave!! Such a cute idea!