Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can I Have Some Barium Mommy?

Why yes you can baby girl!! While at UC Davis the speech therapist used a Dum Dum sucker and licorice on Aviana. You know, all of the things I would never give her prior to the accident : ) I take that back, I actually did give her a sucker last Halloween after trick or treating. It was her first one and she enjoyed it thoroughly!! She was saying, "Kama, I'm watching you, you better keep your distance!" "No Kama, Avi's sucker!!"

Anyway, we have been working extensively with the candy regime. My Uncle Roger and my Mom always say, “Do you want to Dum Dum her now?" She swallows all of the candy goo and even began to want to chew on whatever we were giving her. My Mom and I asked the doctor what the next step would be in order to get this girl back on the food eating path. He immediately sent a referral to the speech therapy department. We anxiously awaited our appointment.

We met with the therapist on Tuesday. His plan was to evaluate her to see if she was ready for a barium swallow test. If you are not familiar, they put the barium in food or beverage and have the child eat it. They complete an x-ray simultaniously. The barium creates a contrast within the esophagus and beyond. They do this to make sure she is not aspirating any given substances. The therapist said they want to make sure the test will be a success because they prefer not to expose people to barium more than once.

He evaluated her and gave us the green light for the barium swallow test. He thought she would do really well. My mom and I were over the moon. He had given her a small amount of pudding and she definitely wanted more. He was not able to give her anymore, but Aviana was looking at him like, “Hey Mister, where you goin’ with that pudding cup.” We are not on the schedule yet, but hopefully soon. I am ecstatic at the prospect of being able to start giving her some food. I think once she gets the hang of it again, visions of bananas and peach yogurt will dance around her head!


  1. AWESOME!!!

    Hugs to all of you!


  2. That is so exciting!!! Hope you get on the schedule soon!!!!!!!


  3. I love checking in after a week or so and getting to see such great pictures. She is making such progress and I am so happy for you all. What a sweetie pie. Love to you all!

    Luana :)

  4. Wait just a sec...hold the phone!

    Above you said:

    "...the speech therapist used a Dum Dum sucker and licorice on Aviana. You know, all of the things I would never give her..."

    but on my FaceBook, you said:

    " takes me like one lick, more like one chomp!!! Seriously, any sucker, gobstopper, spree, sweet tart, etc. Is gone in one second flat!!!!"

    Do I detect a bit of hypocrisy here??? :-P


    Love ya, cuz!!


  5. Yes, got me good!! Love you ;)

  6. Aviana is making so much progress! that is just great!! praying for many more blessings over your family! :)

  7. She looks SO GREAT with that lollipop!!! They make sugar free kinds too. And LOTS of things can come on a stick, if you want them too!!

  8. That's honestly the best news I've heard all week! I can't wait to see that little sweetheart munching away on some goldfish crackers and juice again.

  9. Soooo cute. Can't wait to see the eating pictures. What a precious princess.