Sunday, June 17, 2018


Long before Aviana knew Dave, 
he loved her.  

After meeting, 

he soon gained her trust.

From then on... they were inseparable.

Dave was enamored by his little.

If they weren't watching basketball or a show about woolly mammoths, 
they were making up their own games.

Then nine years ago today, life changed. We changed. 
But the love did not, and only grew.

Our roles changed.

And life became more about survival,


and quality.

With deeper meaning, 


and appreciation.

 Even if only for a small amount of time, I'm grateful to have seen Dave with Aviana. Through our best and most challenging days, he rose and shined for our girl. I'll forever love and respect his devotion to Aviana, Kama, Rainey, my family, and me.

To dads who are here and those who've lost - my love today and always.

And to my dad and Gary...



  1. Oh Jen and Dave, I watched both videos with an open heart. Once again your love and determination and GRIT are awe inspiring and without boundaries. I am so damn proud to be able to call you both, and Avivana, always Aviana too, my friends. It is impossible to think of you without thinking of the three of you. You are a trio. Forever and always. I love you so much.