Monday, December 8, 2014

So Far, So Good

The care packages are coming along nicely! Between the two departments, we are making 65 total. There are currently 8 people on hospice, and about 35 in the extended care facility. We figure it's nice to have extra.

Day and night, I'm searching still for the perfect addition to our gift bags - one that speaks love and comfort. When I come across something, out of my skin I jump. Yes, that excited! This elf thing really does it for me.

Starbucks, Panera & Target have once again treated us well. Year after year, we're humbled by the kindness they extend our way. What Starbucks provided is well enough to share in the care packages and with the hospital staff too. I love when this happens because we wish to remember the doctors, nurses and other support staff as they work their way through the holiday season.

As we walk the days of Aviana's Elves, we come together with those from years past, but also, with those we've never met. Every interaction is meaningful and leaves us feeling full. Thank you. 

I had many bags with leaves on them, but I thought these could use a few snowflakes : )

Some of the goods.

Rainey approved.

We aren't through yet. There's still time if you'd like to donate ❤️


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  2. I heart you. I heart your packages. I heart your dog sniffing them. I heart you being so brave and strong.